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Whitney standing in Senado Square in the city of Macau, China SAR.

Just a few weeks ago, we had a chance to sit down and chat with one of our spring interns, Hope Hemby. Now get ready for round two of spring intern Q&As. Without further ado, here’s the latest and greatest from Whitney Medlin, yet another Clairemont intern superstar!

So Whitney, you’re a Raleigh native, born and raised, and now you’re a student at N.C. State. You must really love Raleigh!

[Laughs] I’ve been here forever.

So what is it about this place that keeps you hanging around? Have any favorite spots?

I think I’d have to say that my favorite part of Raleigh is the downtown area because it’s grown so much. I love all of the fun festivals and restaurants and bars.

What about when you were younger? Chuck E. Cheese’s?

Yes! I mean no….I’d say the art museum – my brother helped designed the outdoor classroom, just a fun fact.

Very cool! So how do you like being a student at State?

I loved being a student at State so much in undergrad that I decided to continue with grad school. And I mainly love it because I am in the College of Textiles, and it’s like my own little home where I know all of the teachers and students and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Glad to hear you love it! So how did you decide on textiles?

I went to a textile camp when I was in high school at State and didn’t really know what else to do at school, so it kind of gave me a good place to start. And then I fell in love with it.

I think that’s the best way to do it – to just fall into it, naturally. And where do you see yourself going in the field?

Ideally, I would like to do something with branding and marketing for an apparel company with the opportunity to travel.

I know that you’ve had quite a few travel opportunities already. Tell me about them.

In undergrad I studied for a month in Florence where I took an Italian cooking class, and I got to practice my two semesters of Italian language…

How did that go?

Well, I was able to translate costs of baked goods for my friends. That’s about all. [Laughs]

And where else have you been?

Most recently I traveled to Hong Kong as part of my master’s program and was able to explore the culture and the industry and meets lots of exciting and wonderful people. People were just so, so kind. Even top industry execs would do just about anything to give us information or even to bring us tea. I was really impressed.

Speaking of textiles, what’s your favorite fabric in our office?

Ohhh. I kind of like all of them, but I am going to have to say the lamps…or the chairs. They’re kind of like old school retro.

And how do you like interning at Clairemont? What do you feel like you’ve learned so far?

I love being here! It’s such a fun environment. As far as learning goes, I feel like I’m getting a better understanding of what it is, exactly, that agencies do. There’s literally so much going on all of the time, and I am getting a better idea of what those things are.

What else do you like to do?

Does traveling count? I have the travel bug, which is interesting because I didn’t really travel a lot growing up, but in the past few years I have been fortunate to go quite a few places in Europe. It just makes me keep wanting to go back!

Anything else you would like to share with the public?

I have a dog named Fredward. Actually, it’s just Fred, but I call him Fredward. Does that count?

It certainly does, Whitney! And for those of you who think you have the potential to be our next great Clairemont intern superstars, be sure check out our internship program here.



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