Transforming Your Agency: How Change Inspires Creativity

By Posted in - Counselors Academy & Professional Development & Public Relations on June 7th, 2013

At the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference, Indra Gardiner, founder/chief influence officer, i.d.e.a, will discuss how to transform your agency with change that inspires creativity. What can you expect to learn from her Breakout Session? Today’s guest blogger, Carolyn Ray, managing partner, CASACOM, gives us a little sneak peak…

Often, when people hear the word “change,” we are filled with anxiety and trepidation. But, in Indra Gardiner’s mind – change can be a wonderful catalyst. At the PRSA Counselors Academy Conference June 9-11 in Austin, Texas, Indra will share her own experience transforming her agency from a fairly traditional “PR shop” to an integrated, creative environment thriving with new innovations and big ideas.

Some of the benefits that she and her team have experienced include:

  • A more creative integrated approach
  • A shift from vendor to partner
  • A highly electric and stimulating environment for her team

In her words

According to Indra, with change comes conflict. However, conflict can be a key part of creativity. “The greatest artists and bands in the world have all experienced some level of conflict. It leads to better work. The ability to artificially create tension pushes them harder – it results in late nights, but also better work. We all need a certain amount of pressure to perform.”

In her presentation at PRSA, Indra has some goals for you:

  • First, she wants to inspire you!
  • Help you think about how you are approaching problems in a new way
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Push yourself harder

As she says, opportunities are much greater than we think – with the right model and philosophy we can tackle bigger problems than ever before!



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