Securing a Client as a Regular Columnist: Carrie Knowles + Psychology Today

By Posted in - Case Studies & Clairemont Client News on July 15th, 2021

Exploring the simplicity and psychology of everyday feats can be mesmerizing. Reading another perspective about life in a pandemic, work from home struggles, fashion trends and the wonders of aging is comforting and reassuring to many Psychology Today readers. 

Enter Clairemont client and award-winning author and writer Carrie Knowles. While Clairemont first pitched Carrie as a resource, it was Carrie’s talent and expertise that secured her as a regular columnist for Psychology Today where she explores all these topics and more in her column: “Shifting Forward: A Wanderer’s Musings.” As of today, Carrie has written 47 columns for Psychology Today. 

Carrie is passionate about living as a creative person and sees the world in a way that “creativity should have no boundaries and dreams no fences.” She has published four novels, dozens of short stories and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. 

Her most recent novel, A Musical Affair, is about divorce, deception, affairs, expensive secrets, long overdue forgiveness, the power of beautiful music. The Inevitable Past, Carrie writes the unknown story of her long-lost grandmother who died from trauma during the childbirth of Carrie’s father. With few clues, Carrie crafts the story of her grandmother’s life and creates a relationship between grandmother and granddaughter from beyond the grave. The idea of an inevitable past is supported by science as epigenetics can show how trauma from ancestors has the potential to build an additional layer of information onto DNA.  

Complete list of Carrie’s Psychology Today columns:

  1. Please…Don’t Hang Up! 
  2. It’s More Complicated Than Just Taking Off Your Mask 
  3. How to Upscale Your Downsizing? Take Your Memories Along
  4. What Do You Want to Do for the Rest of Your Life?
  5. Company in the Time of Covid Vaccination
  6. Who Writes the Fashion Rules? Better Yet, Why Do We Care?
  7. What’s Your Breaking Point? I Found Mine While Waiting on Hold
  8. Give Yourself a Medal
  9. A Moment of Sanity Brought to You by Hygge
  10. How Can I Help?
  11. The Opposite of Isolation Is Connection, Grab It! Share It!
  12. Don’t Be Silenced by the Clatter and the Chaos. Resist.
  13. Dear 2020: You Had Me at Stressed and Root-Bound
  14. Are Powerful Ancestors Hiding In Your DNA?
  15. Out of the #WestWing and Into the #FAB5
  16. The Truth About Working From Home
  17. Can Playing a Game Prepare Us for What’s Next?
  18. Looking for a Little Leavening in a Quarantined World
  19. #DieForTheDow? Not Me 
  20. This Is What Now Looks Like 
  21. What’s Hiding in Your Closet? 
  22. F.L.Y.! First Love Yourself
  23. Tired Of Multi-Tasking? Why Not Give Life-Guarding A Try?
  24. What Does Pride Have to Do with It? Everything.
  25. Making Room for Growth in Your Winter Garden Winter
  26. Are You Ready? Could You Start Over?
  27. It’s Time to Come Clean: Part Two
  28. Maybe It’s Time To Jump Off The Sinking Chaos Ship. 
  29. It’s Time To Come Clean! 
  30. How’s Your Inner Frankenstein Doing?
  31. Can Someone Steal Your Joy?
  32. Cat Lessons
  33. If You Have The Privilege Of Being Seventy, Don’t Waste It!
  34. Would Frances McDormand Even Care If Her Shirt Was Wrinkled?
  35. The Wall
  36. How to Enrich Your Life by Sitting Still and Daydreaming
  37. Quit Waiting for That Special Day to Arrive
  38. Forget Your Parachute… What Color Is Your Hair?
  39. Drum Roll…Please!
  40. Who Needs the Grinch? Alzheimer’s Stole My Christmas!
  41. The Great Judeo-Christian Bakeoff!
  42. Could You Travel With Less and Enjoy the Journey More?
  43. The Rules of Badminton 
  44. Art As an Act of Memory
  45. Perfection Only Lasts a Fleeting Summer Moment
  46. On Purpose 



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