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By Posted in - Fashion on May 4th, 2011

Holly Wilensky, the Dress Recycler

This blog was written by our very own fashionista and intern, Whitney Medlin. Enjoy!

I love fashion. I go to a fashion school, I attempt to wear fashionable clothes, and I browse way too many fashion magazines. As if that weren’t enough, I work with three very fashionable ladies at Clairemont. This is exactly why I decided to interview Holly Wilensky, fashionista and creative communicator, about her fashion blog, The Dress Recycler.

Trading in more than 10 years of restaurant experience and her St. Mary’s College degree for a shot at the big time, Holly found herself accepted into the American Intercontinental University of Atlanta. Graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design, Holly was ready to put her degree to work.

Making the rash and typical “Holly” move, she picked up her stuff and headed to New York City. What she found there, though, was not what she expected. Many of the design positions were in offices…at desks. Thankfully, it was during this time that Holly decided to start her own blog, and she never looked back.

Holly, an expert shopper, began The Dress Recycler, a blog about “saving people from the clutches of retail prices” and giving them tips on how to find the best deals at thrift stores and secondhand shops. Her main mission is just to inspire her readers, which she describes as artists struggling in NYC, living dollar to dollar, but still wanting to have fun with their many styles.

And Holly definitely knows how to have fun with her own personal style. She loves the classic look of the 50’s with hourglass shapes and A-line dresses, but isn’t afraid to wear pieces that are a little more daring, like her colorful polyester dresses from the 70’s. Showcasing her own style, Holly shares her passion for fashion and shopping knowledge with all of her readers.

And what tips does Holly have for us? Lots! When you’re shopping, be sure to check the zipper, look at hemlines, and make sure there is no damage (or at least that it can be easily repaired). Once you take your new clothes home, she explains how to sew on a button, change a hemline and even how to clean some of the more delicate pieces. If you’re in the mood for something a little lighter, you’ll love her interesting tales about garbage cans, questionable clothing and buying clothes off of someone’s New York City stoop.

For the rest of Holly’s exciting stories and great shopping advice, go check out Holly Wilensky, The Dress Recycler NOW!



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