On the Record: NCPRSA Seminar & Awards

By Posted in - On the Record & Professional Development on July 27th, 2016

Ask anyone in PR, and they will tell you they welcome the opportunity to work with a client year after year. It allows us to get to really get to know our clients and their expectations and become embedded with their cultures, brands and products.

However, it can also come with the challenge of keeping it fresh. How do you sustain a multi-year campaign when the event or message is the same every year? That’s the question The North Carolina Public Relations Society of America is facing after 10 years of hosting its annual seminar and awards banquet.

Let’s go On the Record to find out what changes are taking place this year with NCPRSA’s seminar and awards programs.


Want to know more about the seminar and awards banquet? Shoot me an email at s@clairemontcommunications.com.



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