Myrtle Monday: Giving Thanks for the Little Things

By Posted in - Inspirational on November 22nd, 2010

This is very good bread.

Of the 80-some postcards written to Myrtle, this one just might be my very favorite. I love the simplicity of it. I love the everyday-ness of the women working together, of their clothes and of their surroundings. I love that Lela wrote, “This is very good bread. We are on our second loaf.”

No air pollution here. It’s wonderful!

As Thanksgiving approaches, this particular postcard reminds me to be grateful for the small things and to count the blessing of contentment. Lela goes on to write about staying in a little apartment and cooking her own supper, sounding just as happy as she could be about making herself soup and a salad. And she was thankful for no air pollution!

Funny how this all seems like an analogy of Clairemont’s first year. We are just tickled pink to be in our funky little office space cooking up our own meals and serving communications strategies one loaf at a time. Free side orders of non-polluted sunshine and rainbows!

Thanks for all of the little things.



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