Myrtle Monday: All About the Details

By Posted in - Free Advice & Inspirational on December 6th, 2010

This week’s Myrtle Monday is all about the details! Upon arrival in Vienna and touring the Hofburg Palace and Schonbrunn Castle, Lela writes about silver and gold china, original furnishings and beautiful artwork. I can only imagine that when Lela returned home, she became the charming tour guide for Myrtle, recreating each and every detail of the trip.

With the holidays upon us, it seemed appropriate to blog about details — talk about going from blah to voila! A plain package is transformed with some pretty ribbon. A table goes from everyday to holiday with the addition of a festive runner. For me, a mood is created by the burning of a scented candle.

As a communicator, details are important to telling our clients’ stories. What details help paint the picture? Which are the best details to share? Where’s the balance between interesting and overkill? My friend, Karen, LOVES a detailed story. “Details, girl. Give me all the details,” she’ll say. But not all audiences have the time or the desire to hear ALL of the details.

 Of course you also have to consider the medium and method of sharing the details. Back to my original Myrtle Monday point of postcards being the original Twitter, sometimes you are limited by space. I love that that never stopped Lela from making Myrtle feel like she was right there with her, seeing the world from her armchair in Small Town, USA.



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