Meet Jackson, Clairemont Intern

By Posted in - Professional Development & The Clairemont Team on October 4th, 2018


I have been creating as long as I can remember. When I was five years old, I directed and starred in my first short film. When I was 10, I made a music video parody that got almost 9 million views. Throughout my time in middle school and high school, I learned the Adobe Creative Suite. I soon had amassed a large portfolio, and I used it to get an internship at Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta, Georgia. After living by myself for a summer in Atlanta, I am eager to get back to the film industry there. I have many goals for myself as I start my senior year of high school, and I plan to accomplish them before next summer.


Over the years of constantly creating, I have started many projects and shared them through social media. My most recently successful endeavor has been creating comics for Instagram. Drawing has always been a great form of creative expression for me. I lately have been pushing myself to draw constantly in order to develop a distinct style. In October of 2017 I drew a three-panel comic parodying Garfield, except with a bear — thus the name “Bearfelf.”

After my friends told me it was golden, I started up an Instagram account. Everyone I showed it to loved it, but I needed to show it to more people. I decided to become a business account and use the Instagram promotion tool. With the help of a $50-dollar investment from a friend, Bearfelf finally took off, and our audience grew more and more. Today we are still growing more than ever, and we recently made a deal to have Bearfelf comics printed in a popular online magazine.


It may seem as if I am a young amateur, but I strongly believe in collaboration. Back in 2015 when I was running a Lego YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers, I met my friend from Canada, Brody. Though we live approximately 1400 miles apart, over the years we have been fueling each other’s creative ideas. We have written, shot, directed and edited a mini-series in the span of two weeks. We also both work on Bearfelf, holding brainstorm sessions on Skype on the weekends.

After months of development we are soon to release a Bearfelf video game. Recently, we have started work on our first album in an effort to be the first band that performs in two countries at once. We keep ourselves busy by constantly creating. The Big Dream is a mindset that anyone can have. It is a mindset that you can achieve anything you want if you put in the hard work right now.

Written by Jackson Hughens, Clairemont intern.



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