Meet Arden Van Vleck (what a name)!

By Posted in - The Clairemont Team on July 22nd, 2011

Did you know that the Clairemont team added another summer intern? If you work on our hall, you might know – her cheery, raspy voice is as distinctive as it is spunky. And to whom does this voice belong? Why, it’s Arden Van Vleck, and lucky for me, I had a chance to sit down and chat with her today. Here’s what she had to say…

So Arden, you grew up in the not-so-far-away Durham. Tell me what you think about how much Durham has changed.  It’s a pretty hip place now!

Oh yes! That’s a really good question. I remember when I was growing up in Durham. It was before they made all the cool renovations. It wasn’t until I left for college that they made it such a neat place. I mean, it had this stigma attached to it for years….It couldn’t have had more of a 180-degree transformation. Have you seen the tobacco district? It’s awesome, and it’s right next to my two favorite places, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and Tyler’s Taproom.

Mmmm…Tyler’s Taproom – they have one in Carrboro, which leads me to neighboring Chapel Hill. How does Durham compare to Chapel Hill?

Chapel Hill is purely a college town whereas Durham has a big university but isn’t a college town. It’s hard for me to tell you which I like better – they’re just really different.

So how does downtown Raleigh compare?

I love Raleigh! I feel like it’s the perfect place for me during this stage of my life. Fun, young and lots of business professionals – it’s the next step. But there’s a lot more for me to learn about this place. It’s kind of a mystery town right now to me.

Going back to Chapel Hill, I know that you are a UNC graduate (go Heels)! Tell me about what you did while you were in school.

Well, I originally started off as an exercise and sport science major because I was interested in athletic training. But I was also interested in journalism ever since I worked for my high school newspaper. I eventually realized I didn’t want to do athletic training – it just wasn’t a good fit for me – and that’s when I decided to add on journalism.

Wow, that was a lot to take on.

I know, right! The more degrees the merrier! That’s what I told myself, anyway. I also did Spanish as a minor and took the PR track in journalism. What’s funny is that I didn’t even know what PR was at the time.


I guess I choose it because it sounded all-encompassing. Writing, social media, strategy – I love that it incorporates different components of communications.

And where do you see yourself going in the field?

I really like the idea of agency work. In my previous internship at the North Carolina Museum of Art, I learned a ton, but I also learned that I am interested in working with multiple clients, not just one.

And what do you think of interning at Clairemont?

Love it! Absolutely love it! I already feel like I am involved. I am not doing just a few small tasks on the side. I am jumping in and taking a part. Not to mention I love the welcoming, fun atmosphere – we get our work done, but we actually have a good time!

We’re so glad you like it! Outside of your internship here, what else do you?

Cheesecake! [Laughs] I mean, I work at The Cheesecake Factory! It keeps me pretty occupied. I like serving tables and love the fact that I get to hang out with my friends, who all pretty much work there, too. So going to work is like going to hang out with my friends.

And what about your free time?

Since it is summer, I’d have to say lately I’ve been going to the pool, making trips to the beach and hanging with my family. Oh, and eating!


Surprisingly, I don’t eat cheesecake all the time.

I surely would….Anything else you would like to share with the public?

Well, about my voice….I had to have surgery on my throat in January. I had to have a polyp removed. That’s why I have such a raspy voice.

But we love that raspy voice of yours. It’s the signature Arden voice. We can always hear you before we spot you.

[Laughs her signature Arden laugh]

We think Arden agrees.



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