L is for Learning Part 3

By Posted in - Public Relations on August 19th, 2010

Today’s L for learning is last but not least. If you’ve been lollygagging this week, take a look back at our earlier posts to learn more about Clairemont’s TLC Intern Program.


Our finaL favorite tip from the Entrepreneur Start-Up Guide comes from Bridget who writes:


Whenever possible, tie your business to a current event or trend.


This seemingly simple pointer is something that has proven to be extremely important from what I have seen in my first few weeks as a public relations intern. In viewing various company blogs and websites for research, I have discovered that the most successful organizations are those that find ways to link their businesses to some type of recent news or event.


Electronic media is so pervasive that it takes something special to capture the public’s attention. By connecting to something current, a business can captivate the attention of consumers and as Entrepreneur states, “gain publicity by association.”



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