Hop to it! The Power of Positivity

By Posted in - Inspirational & Professional Development on November 5th, 2019

Last month, I ventured outside of #DTR (gasp!) to Durham for a workshop on positivity. The condensed program, hosted by Don Sandal of GoPositiv, was designed to promote happiness, positivity and optimism in the workplace, ultimately leading to higher performance.

I sat amongst 20+ other individuals who came to seek out the science behind what Don coined the “HOP (Happy, Optimistic, Positive) Mindset” and learn how to achieve it for ourselves. The change, Don insisted, begins with intention and continues with commitment. Four hours later, I left the workshop feeling refreshed and ready to implement some of the practices Don walked through in an effort to establish and build my personal HOP Mindset. While there’s a number of factors that can contribute to your positive position, here are three takeaways I found most valuable and have been putting into practice the last few weeks:

Gratitude Activity

I kick off each week with #GoalsandGratitude, listing three “goals” for the week followed by three “gratitudes” – things for which I’m thankful. My goals are simple. I want to meet them so I’m realistic. They include daily time entry at work or doing laundry before Friday. I’ve found that writing my goals down gives them power. Listing my gratitudes has become my favorite part. It allows me to pause and ponder what I’m truly grateful for in that moment. The list almost always includes a person in my life and a memory from the weekend. This small practice sets positive intentions for the week and lifts my mood instantly.

Acts of Kindness

I like to live by the mantra “live and help live.” We’re all just here trying to do our best, don’t you think? And sometimes, when we can’t be our best selves, we need a little help. Life is busy, but when I can, I try to look around – at the grocery store, in my neighborhood, at work – to see how I can help. Sometimes I pick up trash along the route of my jog. Sometimes I offer to watch my friend’s kid so she can run errands. When someone helps me, I’m surprised and thankful. When I help someone else, I feel proud and just plain good.

Reframe Negative Thoughts

For me, this has been the hardest, and I consider myself a positive person! Instead of letting a negative individual or situation snap me into a negative state, I work on reframing my view and finding a way to see the positive light. Reframing my negative thoughts takes some consistent practice, and it’s something I’ve far from perfected. But the days, weeks, months and beyond are a lot more fun when I don’t let my negative flurries snowball into a heap of worry.

If this all sounds simple, good. It should! However, retraining your brain to approach things in a positive light is actually harder than you think. It takes time and, even more, intention to not respond to negativity with … negativity. But it’s worth the practice. Because ultimately, achieving the HOP mindset places you at a competitive advantage not just in life but in the workplace, too. Instead of just identifying problems, you’ll be able to see solutions and offer strong, successful suggestions to colleagues and clients.

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