Green Thought Thursday: More Uses for Old Vices

By Posted in - Sustainability on January 19th, 2012

Once again, our intern Ashely Hurteau is jumping in to share a few more green thoughts…

We love these ideas from Real Simple Magazine!

Last week, I shared four new uses for old vices. These clever ideas from Real Simple come at the perfect time – we’re all still sticking to our New Year’s resolutions, right? This Green Thought Thursday, I’d like to share a few more ideas. They are:

  • Giving up gambling for good? Turn your poker caddy into a pen and pencil caddy. Close off the bottom with poker chips and the sides with playing cards – very appropriate!
  • Any hipster’s dream – transform old beer cans into paperweights by filling them with coins or sand and sealing the top.
  • If soda is a thing of the past, take the old bottles and turn them into an uncooked spaghetti holder. Coincidentally, they hold the perfect amount for a single serving!
  • Clean your contacts and the landfills! Use plastic bottle caps as contact lens holders. Be sure to clean them before you re-use.

Last week I vowed to re-use my wine corks for a cork board. This week I am going to suggest something that I have been doing for years. Save the funnies from the Sunday news and use them as wrapping paper. Give a gift, a laugh and one less wasted item!

As always, we would love to hear other ways you will re-use things in 2012!



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