Green Thought Thursday: Green with Envy

By Posted in - Sustainability on December 8th, 2011

This is the shirt Dana gave me -- don't you dig its pom-pom fringe?

Can you guess which pieces of my wardrobe get the most compliments and make my friends go green with envy (pun definitely intended)? All of my thrifty finds and hand-me-downs, of course!

If you read my previous Green Thought Thursday, Feeling Thrifty?, then you know that I am a big-time thrift store shopper — I just love the thrill of the hunt! You would also know that by shopping at thrift stores and recycling clothes, you’re keeping millions of pounds of textile clothing out of landfills each year. Goodwill Industries alone reported saving roughly 33,136,946 pounds of clothing from going into landfills in 2010!

Recently, I was the recipient of yet another awesome hand-me-down when Dana gave me a shirt that she found at a thrift store many years ago. What’s cool about it? It’s handmade out of an old sheet! Sound weird? I think not. It’s actually quite stylish.

Blake Lively is InStyle!

We recently stumbled upon this little gem in InStyle — it’s a Tory Burch scarf with pom-pom fringe sported by none other than Blake Lively. The shirt Dana gave me also has pom-pom fringe, and when cinched in the middle with a cute belt, this piece also makes quite a statement.

Found something worth bragging about at a thrift store? I’d love to hear your stories (and be green with envy, too)! Do share!



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