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At Clairemont, we talk a lot about love. One of our immutable laws is written around the fact that we love our clients and the work we do for them. In the meantime, we hope they fall in love with working with us, too. Today, we are feeling the love of several appreciative clients, and want to share a recent letter from one of them. (Thank you, Teri!)

January 23, 2011

Over the course of my 20+ year career, both as an agency owner working with high profile clients, and as a client myself, I have worked with some of the best PR pros in the United States and Canada. Dana Hughens is in that class, and she now has a place on my list of trusted advisors.

Boyce Thompson, editorial director of BUILDER magazine, with Newland\’s chairman and CEO, Bob McLeod.

Dana and the team at Clairemont Communications provided strategic planning for a major national announcement at the International Builders Show earlier this month, and coordinated the implementation of a multi-region media relations campaign to increase recognition of the announcement.

I selected Dana to lead this initiative as a result of the reputation she has with our teams in the Carolinas and DC markets for her strategic focus, professionalism and unending commitment for delivering results, no matter what the obstacles might be.

From our first contact just before the holiday break I knew my decision was the right one. Dana jumped in and met head on a series of challenges – limited time, perceived “soft” news focus and the need to motivate teams from all over the country to support a national strategy while customizing it for local market coverage. She handled the teams with ease, gaining the trust of other agency owners in the process and managing all the details throughout.

When interview opportunities arose, pre-show or at the event itself, Clairemont prepared backgrounders and briefing documents that were focused, detailed and clear. The result was our chairman and CEO was prepared and confident to make the most of these opportunities. He relaxed, knowing that Clairemont had the details covered.

The results are still coming in. From major market coverage, trade pub and online pick-up, social media mentions, to measurable increases in website traffic, our work with Dana and team paid off. Awareness of Newland’s achievement is higher than we could have imagined, and now sits as a business asset we can leverage again and again.

It’s not easy to earn a place on my list of trusted advisors and consultants. Dana has, and I would work with Clairemont again any day of the week. If you get the opportunity, jump at it!


Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Newland



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