Customer Service+Good Copy=Rockstar

By Posted in - Copy Cat & Marketing on January 23rd, 2017

I love Medlin-Davis Cleaners. When I moved to Cameron Village last year, I gave the location there a try because it was convenient. When I emailed with some feedback on my first experience, I got a phone call from the owner. He was incredibly courteous and extremely helpful when he explained to me that there is more than one way to have my work dresses and suits cleaned. It was superb customer service at it’s finest. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since.

Extra kudos to Medlin-Davis for creative email blasts such as this one. “We Tailor Swift(ly)” caught my attention while hopefully avoiding any risk of being contacted by Taylor Swift’s legal team that allegedly stays at the ready. The copy that followed read, “We’re not imposters; we just know that when you need a garment altered, you need it done quickly. We can’t sing or play guitar, but we’ve got the fastest alterations service around.”

In addition to Medlin-Davis giving good clothes cleaning, they give good copy! Need some inspiration for your own copy writing? Check out our other Copy Cat posts.

Image from Medlin-Davis e-blast.



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