Green Thought Thursday: New Year, New Uses for Reusable Totes

By Posted in - Sustainability on January 5th, 2012

New uses for reusable totes? We've got it in the bag!

If you’re anything like me, you accumulated about a million reusable grocery bags last year. One of my favorite finds was this little gem: a Shop and Go Tote from Willow House. This stylish blue and green shopping bag can be used for much more than just shopping.

Here’s a list of new uses for this reusable tote bag (and others of its kind) straight from the Willow House website. Some of my favorites:

Tip #6: Store your hammock in a bag between uses.

Tip #8: Create a Pedicure Tote: Pack flip-flops, nail color, your own clean utensils and a magazine for the salon.

Tip #12: Package your gift in a reusable tote instead of an expensive and disposable gift bag — tie the handles together with a coordinating ribbon to make it extra special.

Tip #18: Use as library bags — give one to each family member and let them fill ’em up!

Tip #20: Use as beach bags.

Tip #36: Carry produce home from the farmer’s market.

Tip #37: Ramble in the woods and bring home pretty pinecones and branches for decorating.

And, of course, the list goes on. How about taking a look and sharing some of your favorites? I even came up with this one on my own:

Use as a doggie suitcase for Charley, complete with rawhide chews, treats, toys and food bowls.

Be sure to share your own tips, along with your favorites from the list, in the comment section below!



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  • Dana Hughens - Reply

    January 6, 2012 at 2:36 am

    I have to be better about taking them back to my trunk. I was at Trader Joe’s one day and used my bike basket because it was the only thing I had in the car. (It looked pretty cute, actually!)

  • Lisa Gerber - Reply

    January 5, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Yes! We have bags all over the place! And we keep them in the car, front door door knob, and even one in my purse so I always have one and never need a bag. I’m a bag hater. Bag people at the grocery store fear me.

    We also use them as lunch bags cause you know, the typical brown bag isn’t big enough for all the food I need. 🙂

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