What does a PR agency do? Journelle Talks Lingerie

By Posted in - Awards & Case Studies on April 28th, 2020

When New York-based lingerie company Journelle wanted to change the conversation about lingerie by rolling out a major campaign, it turned to Clairemont Communications to help with a 360-degree brand refresh ahead of the launch. The Who Says campaign was Journelle’s rebuff to the two seemingly polarizing trains of thought when it comes to lingerie: slim and sexy, or boring and basic.


Clairemont’s work included strategy, developing media materials and identification of desirable influencers. We began by evaluating previous influencer partnerships and coverage of Journelle and compiled a list of who to engage during this project as well as who to consider for an exclusive. Journelle came to the table with a handful of media and influencer relationships already in place and needed Clairemont to fill in the gaps by strengthening the relationships with existing contacts and reaching new editors at print publications, outlets that continue to hold clout amongst the fashion community.

Image by Journelle.


Journelle wanted to seek the support of influencers, and Clairemont had previous success in negotiating with micro and macro influencers (at least 1,000 and 100,000 followers, respectively). Due to this experience, Clairemont compiled a diverse list of these types of influencers whose styles organically aligned with Journelle. Our team looked at follower numbers, as well as at post engagement and follower feedback/influencer interaction. Clairemont successfully secured interest from top influencers in a variety of markets across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles and Houston, TX.


With the goal of securing at least 10 influencers to generate buzz for Journelle around Valentine’s Day, Clairemont successfully engaged 12 micro-influencers. With the goal of securing one exclusive story on the Who Says campaign in a top-tier fashion industry publication with a circulation of at least 50,000, Clairemont exceeded its goal by securing three placements: one prominent inclusion of Journelle on Who What Wear ahead of the launch and two separate placements in “the fashion bible,” Women’s Wear Daily (circulation of more than 59,000) at the time of launch. WWD stories included an exclusive feature on Who Says, including an interview with Journelle’s VP of marketing and brand; and an inclusion in a trend piece with quotes from Journelle. The brand was able to share these successes on social media and with shareholders.

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