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By Posted in - Clairemont Client News on December 13th, 2013

From Google Glass to the Samsung Smartwatch to everything in between, the wearable technology trend is definitely on the rise. And, with $8 billion in projected revenue for 2013 and an estimated $20 billion by 2017, the industry – and the mind-altering gadgets it’s creating – is something to watch. Below, we’ve rounded a few of our favorite wearable tech gadgets, including a revolutionary personal safety device created by Clairemont Communications client, 10 for Humanity.

Tiger Eye Security Sensor (TESS)

Developed by Clairemont client, 10 for Humanity, TESS is a hands free personal safety device designed to be worn as a piece of jewelry. With the ability to protect people of all ages from criminals and bullies, the device will sense high stress in the voice when activated by certain words such as “help,” “stop,” or “no” and instantly dispatch the police, based on GPS location. At the same time, TESS will video record the incident to aid in the identification and prosecution of criminals.

TESS is currently being developed in collaboration with top technology and safety industry leaders including: RTI International – one of the world’s leading think tanks; NC State University; and a host of other emerging technology experts and law enforcement agencies. TESS is the first product available by the North Carolina-based 10 for Humanity, which is committed to developing 10 innovative technology-based products and mobile applications that will reduce acts of violence globally by 10 percent in the next decade.

To learn more about this device, please see the TESS Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which is raising funds through Dec. 31 to help bring TESS to market in the spring of 2014.


A sleek band worn around your wrist, Nymi uses your cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity and wirelessly control things like your computer, cell phone, car, security systems and more. With a turn or flick of the wrist, you can interact with your devices seamlessly and securely. According to its creators, Nymi can replace any number of identification prompted activities, including the PIN on your credit card.

As individual as a fingerprint, your heartbeat is completely unique and can offer the highest level of security. Nymi works off a three-factor security system, meaning to take control of your identity, you must have your Nymi, your heartbeat and a smartphone or device with the Nymi app. Additionally, Nymi will feature customizable notifications for text, email and social media meaning you will never be out of touch.


With this simple, clip-on gadget, you can now run on a treadmill and comfortably read a book at the same time. Run-n-read’s technology tracks your head movements and automatically shifts the text on your tablet to move perfectly in sync with your head and eyes.

Further simplifying reading while running, you can turn the page of your book by just tapping the Run-n-Read. Additionally, the gadget operates as a simple fitness tracker, monitoring the number of steps taken and calories burned and displaying the information on your mobile device.

What do you think about these gadgets? Which wearable technology products would you add to the list?



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