PR People: Chris Cowperthwaite, APR

By Posted in - PR People & Public Relations on March 23rd, 2017

Chris Cowperthwaite, APR

Job Title and Function: Manager of Communications and Outreach for the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA). I’m the entire in-house PR department, so I do a little bit of everything. Responsible for managing the Tar Heel Nurse, NCNA’s bi-monthly magazine; writing news releases; fielding media inquiries; assisting with legislative advocacy; shooting/editing videos; social media; overseeing all e-newsletters (Inside NCNA, APRN E-News, and all quarterly regional newsletters); and anything else that falls under the communications/PR umbrella.

Most Rewarding thing about working in PR today: I really enjoy digging into complex/important issues and figuring out the best way to explain them to people who might not be in the know. When we get the message out and it’s well-received, it’s rewarding to see the appreciation from my “clients” who understand the value of PR.

Craziest/most challenging thing you’ve done in PR: Craziest: Getting to wander around a gigantic solar array on top of a factory when I worked for Southern Energy Management. Most Challenging: A sustained legislative issue where our political opponents have had 10 times as many resources ready to deploy than we could ever hope to match.

Advice for new PR pros: Vigorously maintain your credibility in this era of alternative facts and “fake news.” Refuse to cut corners when it comes to ethics.

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Sarah Hattman, APR is president-elect for the North Carolina chapter of Public Relations Society of America and has been working in PR since she left television news. She grew up in North Carolina and was excited to move back to her home state in 2012 and then join Clairemont Communications, a Raleigh PR agency. 



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