Postcards: The Original Twitter

By Posted in - Inspirational & Social Media + Influencer Engagement on September 20th, 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting PRSarahEvans and she echoed what we tell our clients about social media. It is simply a tool. She compared it to the telephone — you don’t pick up the phone and start talking without knowing how to use it, who you want to talk with or what you want to say. Great point!

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by social media if you are new to using it. Here’s another analogy that might offer some comfort. Think of postcards as the original Twitter. People sometimes ask me, “How can you say anything in 140 characters?” My response, “Have you ever sent a postcard?”

 For companies and organizations, remember to start with your business objectives supported by your communications plan (objectives)… then strategy… then you get to tactics which can include traditional and social. If you need some help, call us!
We love blending traditional communications and social media. We also like drawing comparisons between the “old-fashioned” and “emerging” ways to communicate. Because of this, today is our first Myrtle Monday.

I have a very magical story about how I acquired a collection of several decades of postcards written to Myrtle and all of the interesting things that have happened to me since I “met” her. The story is best told in-person — ask me the next time you see me. In the meantime, we’ll be sharing Myrtle’s postcards and talking about how they relate to communications today…. or simply what we love about them in some cases. Today’s Myrtle Monday lesson: How to write in less than 140 characters. The original Twitter!



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