Myrtle Monday — Postcards from New Friends

By Posted in - Counselors Academy & Inspirational on July 18th, 2011

Like Myrtle, I love my postcards!

When I gave my presentation, Myrtle Never Threw Away Her Postcards, at the PRSA’s Counselors Academy conference in May, I left the attendees with a homework assignment. I gave them blank Clairemont postcards to be used to write a purpose/mission statement or to send to someone, honoring the lost art of handwritten correspondence.

What a lovely surprise to have two of them returned to me with the most sincere thoughts about Myrtle and my presentation. Thank you, Missy Shorey and Paula Worthington! I also received handwritten notes about Myrtle from my dear friend, Abbie Fink and new friends, Sheryl Barto and Ray Artigue.

What an amazing feeling to get such positive feedback, and I know that Myrtle and all of her friends would be proud that in this digital age, some people still take time to put pen to paper.



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