Green Thought Thursday: Reuse, Redecorate, Revive!

By Posted in - Sustainability on February 9th, 2012

We love this idea from Country Living!

Our intern Ashely Hurteau was inspired to write this week’s Green Thought Thursday after finding this article from Country Living.

As I flipped through Country Living last weekend, something extra special caught my attention, 5 Ways to Transform Ordinary Objects. If you have read some of my previous Green Thought Thurdays, you know that I have shared New Uses for Old Vices and More Uses for Old Vices. I cannot stress enough how important reuse is for a sustainable environment so why not have fun during the process?

Ever crossed paths with a wooden cable spool in an old parking lot? While you may see junk, I see great potential for a “bookmobile.” A coat of paint and a few dowels is all you need to take a wooden cable spool and turn it into a lazy Susan for books!

These picture holders from Country Living rock!

Have an old pillow or two that you think would look better on the curb than on your sofa? Think again! Take a dinner plate and use chalk to trace the outline onto an old pillow. Go over the chalk with a fabric pen. Once you have your circle drawn, draw a few smaller circles inside. Run a needle through the middle of each smaller circle and knot it tightly. By doing so, you have taken a boring pillow and turned it into a “button cute cushion.”

Don’t throw those dull cloth headbands out! They are the perfect easel for standout headpieces! With some hot glue and a few embellishments (we suggest flowers, feathers or jewels), you’ll wow the crowd with your brand new accessories.

Have a backyard filled with stones? Use them! By tying floral wire around the rocks you can coil them upright and then attach pictures. This earthy chic way to decorate will spruce up any room!

For more ideas, check out  5 Ways to Transform Ordinary Objects, and in the meantime, share some of your own ideas. We would love to hear!



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  • Dana Hughens - Reply

    February 26, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    I keep going back to this post and looking at the bookmobile, Ashely! I love it! I see a DIY project in my future. Or maybe it should be a Clairemont team building exercise!

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