Green Thought Thursday: Grandma’s Pearls

By Posted in - Sustainability on April 21st, 2011

Out with the old (left), and in with the new (right)!

They are sentimental keepsakes, family heirlooms, priceless memories – they are Grandma’s jewelry. As women, at some point in our lives, we will inevitably be recipients of our Grandmother’s favorite jeweled accessories. The question is…how do we incorporate these antiquated pieces into our modern styles?

Today’s Green Thought Thursday is all about how to answer this question. Dana, our resident jewelry maker, has found a simple way to turn some of her old, inherited jewelry into fun, stylish accessories all while reducing, reusing and recycling. One of the predicaments encountered when trying to update these vintage baubles, especially when it comes to earrings, is the old-fashioned clip-on style. While this type of earring definitely served its purpose at one time, it is simply outdated and uncomfortable. Armed with all of her jewelry crafting knowledge, Dana was able to switch out the tired old clip-ons for modern French wire style posts on a pair of her great grandmother’s earrings.

Dana, along with jewelry stores like Joint Venture Jewelry in Cary and Good Girls Studio in Raleigh, are revamping precious metals and helping to further the green effort all in the name of fashion. If you don’t want to alter the original design or style of your jewelry, there are still others ways to modernize your adornments that are just as eco-friendly. Try pairing just one of your vintage pieces with a current fashion trend or something timeless like a blazer or shift dress. Another idea is to wear your bijou against a blank canvas such as a simple black dress or plain shirt so that your jewelry really makes a statement. You can find really awesome antique jewelry here in Raleigh at the Antiques Emporium, but we also love websites like Etsy where you can find vintage jewelry of all shapes and sizes (and eras).

Grandma passed down her pearls because she knew a true classic never goes out of style. But making a classic style all your own? Now that is great fashion!



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