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By Posted in - In Our Community & Photo of the Week on August 26th, 2016

While it seems we are documenting every moment in photos these days, sometimes an awesome snapshot doesn’t get shared. I’m glad I held on to this gem of Grayson and Tina Haver Currin when they were with us at the Wendell Falls (Clairemont client) Hoedown Showdown earlier this year.

As a fellow downtown Raleigh entrepreneur and Oakwood neighbor, I couldn’t help but get a little goosebumpy when I read today that Raleigh Agenda has completed its fourth week in operation. I’m posting this photo now in recognition of Grayson’s accomplishment. I know firsthand how daunting it can be to start a new venture, and I’m thankful to be in a city that embraces entrepreneurial spirit and creativity — and to have a new source that features the best things about our Oak City.

Here’s the story of the shot: Just as I was taking the photo, Grayson caught a glimpse of the floating glitter in my phone case. It amuses me because I didn’t take him for the kind of guy who would appreciate excessive sparkle, and Tina’s expression is so different from his. Together they are simply adorable. (And you should see them square dance!)

Congrats again!




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