Doing Our Best at Doing Our Part

By Posted in - Starting a business & Sustainability on November 2nd, 2010

Josie rides her bike to work!


My son has a little sing-songy expression that he sometimes uses when he’s working through a task: “Doin’ my best, just doin’ my best.” I think it is a good motto for most anything, and especially for individuals and companies trying to live a greener life.


When I launched Clairemont, I knew that I wanted our agency to be sustainably aware, and that I wanted to work with sustainable clients. Being green is largely about taking baby steps. I selected office space downtown Raleigh so that hopefully some employees could travel to and from the office without getting in a car (which has become a reality!) and so that we are in walking distance of lunch spots (our faves buy from local farmers), the bank, the post office, etc. to minimize during-the-day driving.


Upon opening the office, we’ve found other small ways to do our part including the implementation of a reusable cup policy, participation in our building’s recycling program and printing on carefully selected recycled paper only when printing is a must!


When Josie joined Clairemont, I gave her an extra title of Clairemont’s Green Ambassador. The fact that the way she lives her personal life demonstrates that she loves her Mother Earth warmed my heart during her interviews. From a professional perspective, I knew her experience of living in Asheville serving in the AmeriCorps Project Conserve with a focus on conservation issues in North Carolina’s mountainous region would be a great asset to Clairemont clients.


In the coming weeks, our Queen of Green will be sharing sustainable tips here on our blog. As we also continually seek ideas on how to protect the environment, please send us your thoughts so that we can keep on doing our best… just doing our best.



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