There’s Hope for Clairemont

By Posted in - The Clairemont Team on March 16th, 2011

Our intern Hope loves the Canine Couture pictures in the office.

Don’t let the title mislead you. Everything’s going just swimmingly at Clairemont Communications, and one of the reasons why is that we have the lovely Miss Hope Hemby on board as this semester’s TLC intern. For those of you who haven’t heard of our internship program, TLC stands for team, learning and career. Hope is learning a little bit about all three during her time here. Here’s what she had to say in my recent interview with her:

For the record, Hope, where are you from?
Well, I would have to say I am from Kinston, North Carolina even though my family lives in Clayton now.

And now you’re a student at North Carolina State…
Yes! I am studying business administration with a concentration in marketing.

So why marketing? And why intern at Clairemont?
I have an entrepreneurial spirit, I think. I took a class called the Entrepreneurial Initiative with State, and it consisted of obviously classroom experience, but also touring local start-ups. The class really piqued my interest. Just seeing the amount of work that goes into owning your own business…the little things, the big things….I would like to have my own company. Eventually.

So what have you learned so far here?
The work it takes not only to sustain an entrepreneurship but also to make it a success! I am getting the inside take on the whole thing.

We’re glad you’re liking it here. We like having you here, too! So what’s your favorite thing to do here?
I love writing blogs! It’s fun! And I never thought I would be doing anything in writing, but I like to write, so it works out really well!

Besides the work you’re doing, what’s your favorite thing about the office?
I am in love with the Canine Couture frames. As soon as I saw those when I was interviewing, I thought, I am going to get along great with these people. I love dogs.

Speaking of dogs, which of the office dogs is your favorite – Billy or Charley?
[Blushes] Can I just say my own dog, Valentino? He’s a toy poodle. We call him Vally.

I guess you can….So what else do you love outside of school and work besides your dog?
I am a member of Delta Gamma sorority, and that takes up a lot of time. I also am involved with the American Marketing Association, where I attend meetings, go to sponsored events and hear guest speakers. It’s a good way to make connections in the Raleigh area.

And your hobbies?
Oil painting, reading and running.

Oil painting?
Yeah, I took an oil painting class over the summer while I was studying abroad in Florence. But even before then, both of my aunts are professional artists, and they got me started early. Probably in elementary school.

Florence!? There’s a whole world of things we don’t know about you, Hope Hemby.



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