Inside Outside Upside Down. Have you ever been inside a box, upside down? We have!

We develop external communications strategies. Like the time we answered the question, “How can you help us reach younger consumers through social media?” Or the time we hosted a news conference with a U.S. senator at High Point Furniture Market. We create internal communications strategies. Like the time we partnered with the employee communications team for a global manufacturing company on its diversity initiative. And the time we served as the employee communications team of a national brand to boost morale. Sometimes we turn everything upside down and do something totally new! Like the time we said, “Hey, instead of focusing on raising the numbers of your social media fans and followers, how about we focus on raising the engagement level of your existing following in order to increase sales?” (Now THAT was a great idea that we’d love to tell you more about over a cup of coffee in the Clairemont kitchen.)