Green Thought Thursday: A Thought So Green, We Had to Post-it®

By Posted in - Sustainability on March 17th, 2011

Josie sure does love her Post-it® Notes!

As if you couldn’t get enough of her yesterday, our intern Hope Hemby joins us this week to share her first green thought for Green Thought Thursday.

We are forgetful, in a hurry and perpetually in need of a pen and paper. How did we live before the dawning of the Post-it® Note age? We stick them everywhere and anywhere that might catch our eyes from a computer screen to the refrigerator. As a matter of fact, we’re so in love with these perfectly sticky, handy little notes that we had our own 30th anniversary celebration for them.

Due to our excess use of these handy paper reminders, we may have felt a little guilty in the past for the potentially harmful environmental effects of our Post-it® gluttony. For those of us who are torn between “going green” and abstaining from these delightful square helpers, I have great news – Post-it® has a new line made from 100 percent recycled materials! Post-it® Greener and Recycled Notes are made entirely from recycled paper and use a plant-based adhesive. Super Sticky Recycled Notes and Recycled Easel Pads are also greener options.

According to blogger Everything Green and even the folks over at Post-it®, all notes are recyclable and made from recyclable paper. But not all Post-it® Notes are made equally. Some Post-it® Notes are made from 30 percent post consumer content, so you can see why we’re loving this new 100 percent recycled line! And as if you needed more incentive to run out and purchase this nifty new product, for every Post-it® or 3M recycled product purchased, the company will plant a tree (up to 100,000)! All you have to do is register the specially marked Post-it® or 3M product of your choosing online.

Not only are we giving ourselves a much needed helping hand by continuing to purchase and use this greener product, we are also helping to better the world around us! We can all take a collective sigh of relief knowing that we can use our beloved Post-it® Notes to our hearts’ content. Go ahead….Sticky-note everything!



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